1. 1 Aug 2021: Math solver schema data: Google Announced new requirements for Math Solver Type Schema Data

Requirements to qualify for the rich snippets of the Maths solver are as follows

  1. If your hosting server can handle frequent crawl
  2. To use canonical tags if the same math solver is used on multiple URL’s
  3. Math solver should be independent of login or paywall (regardless of the subscription status: free or paid)
  4. There shouldn’t be any paid content present in the Math’s solver’s schema data.

To know more about Math solver update follow this link: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/structured-data/math-solvers#guidelines

To know more about MEB follow this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/make-every-feature-binary-a-135b-parameter-sparse-neural-network-for-massively-improved-search-relevance/

2.4th August:  Google removed the “safe browsing” from the page experience report: Google removed the “safe browsing” as the requirement out of the 7 criteria in the Page Experience Report. A safe browsing warning appears when the website is hacked or when malicious content is inserted in it, this situation is beyond the control of the website owner or Webmaster thus Google used this logic behind removing the safe browsing criteria.

3. 9th August: Google Ads Editor 1.7 version released. The Google Ads Editor is an offline tool to manage and prepare Google Ads Campaign. Google has announced 4 major changes in the new version of Google Ads Editor, the changes are as follows.

1. Google’s ads editor now started supporting Hotel ads

2. You can download a part of the campaign instead of downloading the entire campaign.

3. You can prepare Youtube Audio ads on Google Ads Editor

4. Now Google ads editor has started supporting the Lead form extension

4. 10 August: Google announced security & privacy-related updates for users below the age 18 years and they are as follows.

  1. Content uploaded by users aged 13 to 17 years will be published in private mode (by default). It can be viewed by the people authorized by these (13-17 years old) content creators. Autoplay will be turned off by default for this age group of users.
  2. Below 13 years of content creators can upload their content on Youtube kids.
  3. Safe search features will be activated for every below 18 users.
  4. Google’s smart display browsers will have a safe search feature by default.
  5. Location history for below 18 users will be always be turned off by default.
  6. Advertisers won’t be able to target users of 18 years or below based on their Age, Gender, and Interests.

For more information, please refer to this link: https://blog.google/technology/families/giving-kids-and-teens-safer-experience-online/

5. 10th August: Google launched Author.url property for article type schema data. Following is the example of article type schema data. It is not mandatory for the schema to have the URL be the same as that of the hosted website. The URL can be that of Linkedin, or social media profile link, about me page link, bio link, etc. This is to establish the ‘Trust’ and the identity of the author. Use of Same as property is also valid, to establish authorship.

6. 16th August: Google has launched the indexing bug report feature worldwide. It was launched in April 2021 for US users.

  1. To report bugs, simple visit this URL : support.google.com/webmasters/contact/indexing_issue_form
  2. Click to check the box
  3. Fill in your name and select the problems you face

7. 17th August: Youtube Chapter preview: This new feature will now enable you to see Youtube chapters and their preview. Youtube will also be able to automatically translate the title, description and caption. When you search in your native language on Youtube and if there is no video present in the same language for the relevant topic. Google will translate the video title, caption, and description to the same language (native language) from any other language. This will enable a native user to identify and access information present in some other language.

8. 24th August: Completion of Google link spam update. Google had begun the rollout on 26th July to keep in check the sponsored and guest post link.

To know more about Google’s link spam updates visit this link.

9. 24th August: Google has announced the New Title Generation Policy on this date. With the new policy, Google has announced that it may pick up content from else create, tweak or change the title of the page/post based on the content’s if it matches the need of the user.

To know more about Google’s New Title Policy visit this link.