Google, by several of its actions, hinted on giving the searches, new dimension. At present, we can only search on google either using text or images individually, you cannot combine both.  Now, Google plans to combine various inputs to be given to Google and have an error free search result using its AI & Machine learning data based on these combined inputs.

Example of this would be, you take a picture of a shirt and ask Google to find similar design on a jacket. This type of searches requires two inputs 1) image (picture you taken of the shirt 2) Text you enter to inform google what you are looking for. Let’s call this “hybrid input searches”.

To tackle hybrid input searches, Google required the following

1) A platform(app) to take hybrid inputs (image + video +text)

2) A Machine Learning system which can understand the nuance of the text and provide appropriate error free output.

Google chose Google Lens for the platform(app) and have Google MUM for the Machine learning technology which makes this type of searches possible.

Earlier, they launched Google MUM (Multi-task Unified Model) in May 2021 without giving much of the information of its actual use and its area. Now, it is coming to light that they plan to extend MUM to have and improved results of its “hybrid input searches”.

Google wants to combine visual search (image or video) with the text search to give a result of new dimensions. As mentioned, you can use Google Lens to access these hybrids input based search results.

Feature: Google’s MUM’s hybrid input searches

Let’s see some use cases of Google MUM and what kind of queries can be answered from now onwards.


  1. You can click a photo using Google lens of any design and ask Google to search for this design on a shirt/t-shirt bedsheet or mobile cover or laptop sticker or anything else.
  2. To click a photo (using Google lens) of any part of a bicycle or car or anything (even if you don’t know its name) and ask google to provide information on its repair, seller or supplier. Google will give every information of that part including its name, info on how to repair, its article, its video, info about its shop near you etc.

Yes, the above results will now be possible, once Google implement its MUM is fully implemented across the globe by next year.

As you can see these types of searches and its results will affect the websites and SEO world.

Websites affected by Google’s MUM’s hybrid input searches

E-commerce websites: It can be said that e-Commerce websites will be the ones, highly affected by these searches for good. As the search result will directly display result of the product page (if you consider above examples and also in general). It is expected that eCommerce websites will get more exposure and more traffic from Google MUM with hybrid input searches.

Niche websites: The websites covering any niche topic in detailed manner with researched data and video evidence etc. is expected to gain more traffic. The reason being the same, Google MUM’s result template, which will show videos and demos of the product query.

Websites selling unique items: Website selling unique products such as innovative furniture, gadgets machineries etc.

Feature: Things to know “search section”

This search section will let you learn the skills in detailed manner when typed as a query in the search bar.

Example: If you type What is acrylic painting? in the search bar of Google. Google will give the following result.


Observe “Things to know” section marked by a red box. It is giving you detailed information about acrylic painting such as step by step method.

How this “Things to know” search result will affect the SEO world or the webmasters

It can be observed that the result for a broad term” Acrylic Painting” is fetching such a detailed result. These results are not pulled from a single website. Different websites are contributing to different section in MUM. Thus, SEOs and Webmasters may need to alter their on-page SEO strategy to attract viewers to get more visitor to their webpages. This is so that their website may actually bring traffic and not merely contribute to Google’s MUM type page result (as shown above)

Feature: Refined and Broaden features are coming to search

Google will give its users the option to refine or broaden the search results its Search results.

Sticking to the acrylic painting example, refined and broaden features may have search results like this.



Effected of Refining & Broadening Features

Introduction of these features will bring more traffic to the websites 1) Covering Niche topics or specific topic in detail and Informational sites 2) Covering Many topics.

Feature: Search Engine page result Ideas

When typed on the search bar to give Ideas. Google on its Search Engine page result (SERP) will display bigger images and videos of the topic as seen in the picture below.

The data of the images would be pulled from the article, so it is expected to put high quality images in the featured images and articles.


They plan to launch Google lens on desktops within the chrome browser and let the viewer search using image or video without necessarily typing the search query.

Google wants to increase the use of Google lens, more for visual searches. It gives the example of someone trying to fix their bike but not knowing what the mechanism on the rear wheel is called. They snap a picture with Lens, add the search text “how to fix this,” and Google pops up with the results that identify the mechanism as a “derailleur.”

Feature: AI in Youtube video to recognize nuance.

Google with the help of MUM (Multitask-Unified Model) technology, will identify the conversation or the narrations in the YouTube video. This analysis (gained after identifying the Youtube video) will be used to know the nuance of the video and will be used in search results as “Related topics”.

This will reduce Youtube’s dependability on the description and tag to identify the keywords/topics they should rank the video for.

This will increase the Youtube views for the topic covering more details as these videos will start ranking for highly niche terms in the education/tutorial/informational world. All thanks to MUM.

E-Commerce Search products with Image

With this feature Google will allow users to shop products displayed as an image on the website. Google with its powerful AI, now can recognize the product (displayed as an image on one website) and search for the ecommerce site where this exact product can be bought.


youtube image to ecommerce


As shown above, using Google Lens, you can now tap the product on the screen to which Google will display a pop-up of the relevant matches from ecommerce websites. You can decide and buy the very product then and there.

Also, to be noted, this function will not be limited to Google lens, Google will also give this option on Chrome Desktop version and allow users to search any image and purchase the very product from ecommerce website without leaving the blog.

How does Image to tap option affects SEO?

As you can see with “E-commerce search with Image option” the shopping is happening within the blog, as the visitor is not leaving the website where he first saw the product. This will reduce the bounce rate and exit rate number of the blog/website.

This won’t affect affiliate marketing because if you tap the image (to search) with an affiliate link, the link will get clicked and will take the user to the very site that will pay you affiliate commission.

Google My Business listing on Product based search results

When searched for a particular product on Google searches, Google will display the listing registered on Google My Business (GMB) along with the branded products on its search result.

This will boost the local listing and can gain a local shop owner or business a good exposure, without having much of a brand authority. The only criteria here for local owner is to optimize well, its Google My Business Listing.

Google is just not doing this just to go local, but it is also enhancing users shopping experience. Some products could not be delivered on the same day or in urgency by any e-commerce websites. Local shop listing on Google search results is an option for the Local Businesses to have this very edge exploited against the ecommerce giants.

How GMB listing on Product based results will affect SEO?

The importance of GMB listing will further increase and optimization of the GMB listing will be more essential than ever.

Local Businesses will have more exposure to compete with the brands. It will be possible due to Google Shopping Graph that uses the data of 24 billion products.

About this result section detailing in Google SERP

Google has improved the detailing aspects of the about this section. Google will have more & detailed information on the “About this result” section. This is located on the upper-right hand side of the search result of the website and represented by 3 dots.


This section will now display information on what the website has to say about themselves and what other websites are saying about this website

How detailing in Google SERP will affect SEO?

This feature will build trust if the company has maintained a good online reputation and increase transparency about the company in the minds of the users.

Even though this section is not considered as a ranking factor by Google, in future this may be the part of E-A-T, as this information holds the “trustworthiness” part of E-A-T and there are many fraudulent information out there and this feature seems to have trustworthiness established more genuinely.


All the above features were hinted & presented by Google on its “Search on 2021 event” premiered in 29th Sept 2021. Readers please take note that most of the features are yet to be made live by Google and you can expect to be made live in 2022, also, it will first be made live to the US audience. This article was just to make you aware and for you to prepare on what’s coming next in the SEO world.


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