July 1: Google: Google rolled out, Broad core update. It’s the second part of the June Broad core update. Google has not revealed the nature of the sites or parameters that can be affected due to this update.


Here is the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/searchliaison/status/1410629484911349761

July 7: Microsoft: Microsoft ad launched responsive multimedia ads. They will look like these. This new ad format has been rolled in 13 countries. US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia. To qualify for these ads, the advertisers have to upload the images and multimedia in a certain size.


The link of Microsoft’s multimedia ads announcement: https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/post/july-2021/let-your-brand-shine-with-multimedia-ads

July 9: Google: Google’s John Muller announced that Google has started considering the  Soft 404 from Desktop and Mobile separately. So this might affect the Soft 404 signal score on your website console.

July 12: Microsoft: Microsoft launched Video Extension for Ads. They will look like these. So your search result may have Sitelink, phone number, and video ads. Video ads will have provision to include page links.


These are extensions are available worldwide only on desktops. While both Mobile and Desktop ads extensions are available only in the US for now.

The video should have the following specifications

  • Minimum video playing time: 6 sec
  • Max video playing time: 12 sec
  • Recommended format: MPEG2, MP4, and MOV
  • Video size: 16:9,9:16, or 1:1 ratio
  • Min res: 120 x 120, recommended 720 x 720 (this might be erroneous specs published by Microsoft)
  • Max video size: 10GB

July 12: Google: Google search console started displaying AMP information on its report. (click here to know more)

July 13: Google : Google started displaying Free Product listings last year. They also introduced the auto product upload function for the Shopify platform, then they started a similar function for Woo-Commerce and now Godaddy. So Godaddy online store customer can show their products on Google merchant center and will be displayed as shopping results. (click here to know more)

July 13:Google: Introduced job posting schema data attributes such as Direct Apply Property. Besides that, Google also mentioned guidelines to post correct job-related schema data. For more information on this, the link is as follows.

July 15: Google: Google ads launched the feature of Auto optimization. Google will optimize the targeting parameter beyond the advertiser’s setting to get optimum results. You have to enable automatic optimization. Link

July 20: Google launched Math Solvers Type schema data report in Google search console. This is in continuation with Google’s Schema data for educational websites launched in July 2020.


To know more on the Math solver by Google click here

July 20: Google: Google ads announced 3 penalty systems for Advertisers. Ad accounts with Dishonest behavior, unapproved substances, dangerous products, or services will receive warnings then first strike second, and the third strike if they continued to be the repeat offender.


To know more about Google penalties, click here.

July 20: Google: Announce the launch of the “Deal section” in its SERP. Currently, this feature is available only in the US and this will be a festive or seasonal feature. For more information, click here

July 26: Google: Google rolled out, Link Spam Update which requires the affiliate links and guest post likes to have sponsored relationship attributes. This is an important announcement, especially for the Affiliate sites, Bloggers, and sites with Guest posts as failing to comply could attract a penalty. To know more about Google’s link spam update, Click here

July 27: Google: Google announced, it will charge 2% extra regulatory advertising fees for displaying ads in India from the advertisers located or based outside India. (billing address outside India). To know more click here.

That’s it for the updates from the month of July. Please write to us at [email protected] in case of any queries.