Registering your business on Google My Business(GMB) Listings gives you several benefits. It is a ‘must-do’ step to mark the presence of your business online. You can increase the reach of your local business and possibly grab customers using Google My Business listing features. The key benefits of registering  your business on Google My Business (GMB) are as follows

  1. Make your business appear on Google Search (Engine) and Google Maps.
  2. It publishes basic information about your business including Name, Address, Phone No and website name. You can also add or change business listing data.
  3. With GMB listings, you can interact with your prospective customers, if they ask you any question, review your product or send you a message about your product or service.
  4. You can also share your offers, announce sales, and even share photos of any events and keep your clients engaged and updated.
  5. You can also see the response of the customer to the product or service you are offering and tune your product or service accordingly to meet the customer’s needs in a more proper way.
  6. All the above-mentioned features are for Free. Yes, You can create your listings, have a Google website that makes your business appear on the Google Search Engines and map, absolutely free.

With so many advantages, it is essential for any business to have its listings of GMB done and mark its online presence.

Google my business (GMB) Registration: Step by Step

Step 1: Go to, the following screen will appear. Click on “Sign in” and login from it.



Step 2: Enter your login details


Step 3: After entering your login details you will see the screen below, here you have to enter the name of the business. While entering the name of your business name if it appears on the listing dropdown(as shown below), then your business has already been registered (maybe by someone else or your previous employee or your partner etc). This way Google checks if it has to make the new listing or your business is already present. If it is already present then you have to just have to transfer ownership of your business.

Let’s consider your business name doesn’t appear in the drop-down, then you will enter the name of your business and hit enter for the next step.


Step 4: The following window will appear, just check the spelling of your business once and click on next. As per Google’s policy, you should use the very name (on GMB) which you use on banners, visiting cards, and company documents. Entering a wrong name or inserting a keyword inside your business name could attract suspension of your listing.

gmb-registration-name confirm-business

Step 5: In this step, Google wants to know if your customers require to visit your business place for business purposes. This is applicable for Shops, Restaurants, Spa, etc or even some offices. Click “Yes” if it is applicable.

If your business doesn’t require your customers to visit your workplace. This means you provide services by going to the customer’s place such as plumbing, electrician, or any repair services etc then click ‘No’ button

If you work from home, then too, click “No”. If you work from home Google does not display residential addresses on its search result, so you have to click “No” in the above cases.

If you clicked “No” because you provide services at customer’s place then directly jump on to Step No 13.

If  you click “Yes” which means customers visit your place, then follow the next step.

Step 6: Enter your address, enter your correct and detailed address.


Step 7: In this step, mark your business location on the map. Mark the pin, pointing correctly to your business place. If the pin is marked incorrectly, Google may suspend your listing.


Step 8: In this step, Google wants to know if you also provide products and services outside the mentioned address? which means do you also go to the customer’s place. It is suggested to click “No’ as you have already mentioned that the nature of your business is such that primarily the customers visit your place. It is suggested to click “No’ because if you click “Yes” then Google might want to verify this by asking to send the photographs of the “Parcel vehicle or Delivery van” along with the logo of your company etc. which is not a feasible thing in many cases.

Suggested to Click “No” and Next.


Step 9: Select a category in this step. Type in the initial letters of the category and it will appear automatically in a drop-down menu as shown below. You have to select one of the categories, among the list of categories suggested by Google.


Step 10: In this step, you have to give the business phone number. Please beware not to enter Customer care or IVR number. Please note: The phone number should be unique, if the given number is already been registered to any other listing, regardless of its status (functional or non-functional) your listing will be suspended.

So, provide a unique number not registered to any other listings and go to the select website option. There are 3 options in this

Option 1: Then enter the name of the website (please do not put any social media link in this column).

Option 2: If you don’t want a website then click on I don’t need any website option.

Option 3: If you want a free website, select the 3rd option“Get a Free website based on your info”.

The website provided by google will have a domain name such as ””.

Select the relevant website option and then click on next.


Step 11: In this step, Google gives this formal window which lists features and options to change any information if typed incorrectly. Once, you click on Finish, Google will register your entered details. Click on “Finish” if you think the details mentioned by you are correct.


Step 12: In this step, you are required to choose a way to verify your business identity. This window may not appear at all which means your business has already been verified by Google by some other means (reviews, address, check-ins) and Google has you details and your postcard(with the pin inside) is on its way.

But if the below screen with the heading ‘Choose a way to verify’ appears, you may get 2 options to verify, 1)Postcard by post 2) SMS OTP verification. Again, the SMS OTP option may not appear for most new businesses.

If the SMS OTP option appears, it is the best instant way to verify your business. If it doesn’t appear please select postcard option.

Please select the option ofPostcard by mail“. Google will prompt you to mention the name of the person receiving the postcard at the business address. Click “Mail” after verifying the details you’ve entered.


If you click the ‘Learn more’ option mentioned above, you’ll get the QR code option (not recommended)

Just select ‘Postcard by mail‘, enter the correct name and address and click on the ‘Mail‘ button, that’s it. You’ll see the below screen. That means your verification postcard is on its way and you shall be receiving it within 10-14 days.


Once you receive the postcard you will have to enter the pin you receive via postcard on the same page to complete your registration and verify your listing of GMB.

…continued from Step 4 after clicking the ‘No’ option. (as shown below)

For the Service area listing follow these steps.


Step 5a (refer to the screenshot below): Mention the service area of your business. In a single listing, you can add at the most 20 service areas and the service area shouldn’t overlap. For Example: If your service area is the state of “California” then you shouldn’t add another service area such as Los Angeles or San Diego, as they are inside the state of California. Similarly, if your service area is the entire city of Delhi, then another service area shouldn’t be Mayur Vihar or Udyog Vihar as they are within the city of Delhi. Select the area and click on next


Then onwards you can carry on from Step No. 9 i.e. Select category, ‘Enter phone number’, and ‘Finish and manage this listing‘ and then enter ‘address‘ etc. You will receive a postcard at this address and you may require to enter a pin inside the postcard to verify your listing. Also, take a note, address for the service area listing will not be published in any of the listings.

So these were the steps to register for Google my business. Registration is the first step towards availing the benefits of Google my Business listing. Google My business opens a new and unexplored, platform for your local business to grab eyeballs and possibly turning them into customers, even when you don’t have your own website.


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